6 Foods You Must Toss After Their Expiration Date

Milk, yogurt, and cheese can spoil and harbor harmful bacteria after their expiration dates.

Dairy Products

If you're unsure about an egg's freshness, you can perform the float test—place the egg in a bowl of water, and if it floats, it's likely old and should be discarded.


Fresh or packaged meats and poultry can develop harmful bacteria after the expiration date.

Meat and Poultry

Like meat, seafood can spoil quickly. Check the expiration date on fresh or frozen seafood and discard any that have passed their recommended shelf life.


While many fresh fruits and vegetables don't have explicit expiration dates, they can still spoil.

Fresh Produce

Pre-packaged salads often have a short shelf life. If the expiration date has passed, it's best to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination and discard the salad.

Packaged Salads