6 High Protein Recipes for Quick Weight Loss



These little egg bites make a portable breakfast or snack. Mix eggs with spinach, cheese, and sausage, then bake them in a muffin tray until golden and fluffy.

Egg Bites

This classic salad provides protein. Toss cooked chicken breast with chopped celery, onions, and bell peppers in a creamy Greek yogurt-Dijon mustard dressing.

Chicken Salad

The classic Southern dish is easy to make and high in protein. BBQ sauce and spices slow-cook pork shoulder till fall-apart tender, served on a bun with coleslaw.

Pulled Pork

 Its minimal fat and calories make it perfect for weight loss. Smoked flavor from grilling adds flavor without calories. This versatile ingredient goes with many dishes.

Grilled Chicken Breast

This mild-flavored, protein-rich fish is easy to cook. Simply season it with your preferred herbs and spices and bake until flaky and tender. Serve it with roasted vegetables for a healthy, filling supper.


This recipe is great for yogurt lovers who wish to avoid sugar and preservatives. After heating milk, add yogurt culture and ferment for 12–24 hours. The yogurt is sour and creamy, with protein and probiotics.

Homemade Yogurt