6 Quick Breakfast Sandwiches Ready in 15 Minutes or Less



This breakfast sandwich is tasty and healthy thanks to egg whites, whole-wheat muffins, and spinach. Add some low-fat cheese to egg whites for flavor, protein, and calcium.

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

Make excellent sandwiches on Monday with leftovers from a huge pancake meal on Sunday. Tiffany13 says breakfast sandwiches are "knife-and-fork breakfast than an eat-with-your-hands sandwich," so bring utensils or napkins.

Leftover Pancake Breakfast Sandwich

JUSTCYN microwaves this comfort-food breakfast for speed, ease, and less cleanup. Slide the egg onto toast after 45 seconds in a microwave-safe bowl with butter.

Fried Egg Sandwich

This toast-topped scrambled-egg sandwich with mayo and mustard is the simplest. Like Sarah Campbell, add a slice or two of cheese and broil the sandwich open-faced to melt it.

Tom's Scrambled Egg Sandwich

No breakfast sandwich is more decadent than a glazed doughnut sandwich! This sandwich features eggs, cheese, and sausage on unique bread.

Breakfast Sandwich Heaven

These customisable breakfast sandwiches will please your kids if they enjoy drive-thru ones. Sarah Jo fries eggs in a skillet using an oil-sprayed cookie or biscuit cutter.

Muffin Morning Makers