6 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress 

If you’re stressed, moving your body consistently may help reduceTrusted Source stress levels and improve mood.

Get more physical activity 

A 2023 research reviewTrusted Source suggests that ultra-processed and sugary diets increase subjective stress.

 Eat a balanced die

A 2023 literature reviewAccording to Trusted Source, multiple studies have connected excessive smartphone use to stress and mental health issues.

Minimize phone use and screen time  

Take a walk outside, take a bath, light candles, read a book, exercise, and prepare a healthy lunch.

 Practice self-care

A 2018 studyExpressive or therapeutic writing can help people with chronic health concerns, including depression, according to Trusted Source.

Try journaling

A 2021 literature reviewTrusted Source found that overeating can worsen anxiety. Overconsumption might disrupt sleep. This may cause tension and anxiety.

 Reduce your caffeine intake