7 Hairstylists Predict The Biggest Haircut Trends For 2024



The box layer will dominate medium-length trends this year. It divides hair into layer and terminal lengths. This cut is between a '90s Leonardo and the local lacrosse team captain, so it flows well.

Box layers

 I envision the french bob being fashionable in 2024. Think a blunt, short cut with soft layers behind the ear lobe.

Soft bob

I think extreme hair—short with vivid colors—will influence future trends. I think the globe is rebelling and people desire change to disrupt the standard. Doja Cat epitomizes the radical hair movement.

Extreme hair 

 It will be widespread because it's the next step from short hair cuts. Short blunt bobs were popular this fall, and in 2024 they will be grown out.

Lob 2.0

In 2024, the “textured pixie cut” is popular. This modern pixie cut has textured layers and a longer top.

Cropped pixie

I predict short hair will be popular in 2024. I've seen a lot of folks trying to go shorter and shorter, like a 90s bob. Victoria Beckham, late 90s/early 2000s.

90s bob

This may sound confusing, but 2024 is the year of “easy” hair, which means different things to different people. I see this as accepting your natural texture to reduce care, promote hair health, and stretch out upkeep sessions.

Easy” hair