7 Vintage Cakes Like Grandma Used To Make

 classic honey cake recipe was developed for this dish. I wanted to highlight our local honey and summer berries. This makes a great Fourth of July cake.

Honey Berry Sheet Cake

This pecan pound cake always bakes well. It pairs well with hot coffee on a winter day.

Pecan Pound Cake

No baking required for a delicious dessert! This icebox cake uses chocolate wafers and whipped cream. Very tasty.

Icebox Cake

This airy cake with sweet-tart lemon icing is delicious.

Glazed Lemon Chiffon Cake

Buttermilk makes every mouthful of this delicious Italian cream cheese cake moist and tasty.

Italian Cream Cheese Cake

My dad loves this magnificent hummingbird cake, so I always make it for his birthday. This dessert is perfect for summer meals and celebrations.

Hummingbird Cake

As a child, one of my mom's friends gave her this recipe, which has become a family favorite. When your chocolate sweet tooth flares, this is perfect!

Spiced Devil's Food Cake