7 ways to have a healthy movie night

Pizza and movies go together like Laurel and Hardy or Batman and Robin. Don't avoid pizza, but create your own to cut fat. Our pitta pizzas are simple to create.

Instead of a slice of pizza

The best method to eliminate hidden salt and sugar in popcorn is to prepare your own. It's straightforward and can be flavored with paprika or cinnamon instead of salt or sweetened with dried fruit without sugar or syrup.

Instead of popcorn

What about breadsticks, rice cakes, or crispy veggie sticks? You may have spotted “healthier” crackers and nibbles.

Instead of crisps

Want something sweet? Try a banana or pineapple pieces. Try this chocolate strawberry roulade for a nice treat when friends come around.

Instead of a bar of chocolate

Canned peaches or pears in juice are a convenient biscuit replacement. How about one of our simple, fruity recipes?

Instead of biscuits

Try low-fat plain greek yoghurt with berries or our orange-scented apricot yoghurt ice for a refreshing, creamy treat.

Instead of ice cream