9 Paint Colors Designers Wish Would Go Away Forever



Gray is the hue designers desire to eliminate most. “Cold and characterless.


Even though hot pink and lime green are bright and exciting, they're frequently too much for indoor spaces.Neon colours overpower and detract from a room.

Neon Colors

Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors says red and other bright colours are difficult to use in vast wall spaces. “I like to use them as accents in textiles with quieter foundations.


It takes time and trial to select the right off-white paint colour for your home. Swatch many possibilities to find the ideal match for your room's lighting.


I love yellows, but matching them on walls is difficult, says Shannon Eddings of Shannon Eddings Interiors.


According to Avery Cox Design, emerald green accent walls are particularly annoying. Instead, Cox offers a more modern palette of blue-green colours with grey undertones that are easy on the eyes and versatile.

Emerald Green

Unless utilised in a nursery, pastels can be too subdued, adds Phillips. A subdued ivory with pink undertones is a popular hue.


Brown paint has been used in interiors for centuries, and many designers still appreciate it for its versatility—when done well.


Choosing an aggressive colour like this requires toning down the room."


Wavy Line

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