Best Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Weight Loss



This spicy tuna and avocado fish taco recipe provides protein from ahi tuna and fresh avocado. One serving has 330 calories, making it a great lunch or dinner.

Spicy Tuna and Avocado Fish Taco

It's great to prep most of the ingredients for this dish and take it to lunch during the week. Chicken, fresh vegetables, and avocado provide lean protein and satisfaction.

grilled chicken avocado salad

This recipe is tasty and weight-loss-friendly! The best part is that this 250-calorie lunch may be customized to taste like sea bass, halibut, or another white fish.

No-Mess Sea Bass Packet

 This dish asks for one cup of lentils, which has 47 grams of protein and 20.5 grams of fiber. One tablespoon has two grams of fiber and three grams of protein.

Paleo roast salmon with lentils

Kale excels as a MedDiet weight loss food. Additionally, it helps improve bone health, prevent colds, and reduce blood clotting.

Rotisserie Chicken, Kale, and White Bean Salad