Best Short Haircuts For Men 

The crew cut is classic and adaptable, with short sides and back and longer top hair. It fits many face shapes and is easy to maintain.

Crew Cut

Clippers with varied guard lengths create the buzz cut, a short haircut. The low-maintenance option can be modified to different lengths.

Buzz Cut

The trendy fade fades hair from longer to shorter, frequently to the skin. Fades can be high, mid, or low for styling flexibility.

Fade Cut

An undercut has longer top hair and short sides and back. It looks crisp and edgy, and you can style the longer hair on top.


The quiff is a trendy hairstyle with longer top hair styled up and back. It looks trendy and textured.


This haircut has short sides and back and longer, textured hair on top. It's modern and suitable for casual or professional wear.

Short Textured Crop