Chain Restaurant French Fries, Ranked



DQ's fries are crispy, spicy, and wonderful, but let's be honest. If we purchase French fries at Dairy Queen, we'll order a blizzard.

Dairy Queen

Carl's Jr.'s skin-on, naturally cut fries are premium. A French fry—what more could you want?

Carl's Jr.

On the West Coast, visiting In-N-Out is like a rite of passage. Order their fresh, hand-cut potatoes in 100% sunflower oil with one of their legendary burgers.


Sonic makes full Russet potato fries by hand. Like Hardee's, these skin-on fries are cooked until crisp, golden brown, and lightly salted.


Five Guys' peanut oil-cooked fries are made from fresh-cut potatoes with no cholesterol. These boardwalk-style fries are twice-cooked for strong outside skin and soft inner mashed potatoes.

Five Guys

Burger King's signature French fries are crunchy, so they can survive many dunks in your favorite dipping sauce.

Burger King

Zaxby's crinkle-cut fries are ideal for people who prefer a longer, thicker, shaped French fry. These sturdy French fries are crispy and seasoned with Zaxby's delicious combination.


Wavy Line

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