Drink it instead of regular tea. It works like an elixir of youth

Rich aroma and gentle taste characterise oolong tea. The dried tea leaves are slightly turquoise, making it called "blue" (boiled tea is yellow or golden).

 Although brewed from the same leaves as black tea, it has a different taste and qualities due to its processing method. Like a missing connection between black and green tea. 

Blue, dragon, turquoise, and emerald oolong tea comes from the evergreen Chinese tea bush (Camellia sinensis) leaves and buds. 

 This plant makes green and black tea. Fermentation produces blue tea. In contrast to black tea leaf fermentation, this process is stopped at a given point.

Blue oolong tea is the missing link between green and black teas since it blends both traits. 

The vitamins and minerals in them are comparable. Blue has far less caffeine. However, it tastes less bitter than green tea and more like black tea.