Healthy' Or 'Diet' Foods You Should Probably Stop Eating

Granola's health aura is longstanding. Gans admits that some choices are better than others. It's crucial to examine granola labels to see if they're full of added sugars or heart-healthy fiber.


. Some gluten-free cookies are less nutritious because manufacturers add additional sugar and/or fat to make up for the flavor and texture changes from gluten-free flours.

Gluten-Free Cookies

Pankonin says baking fat adds flavor and texture. “Removing fat from a cookie or muffin recipe often replaces it with sugar, which will increase calories and leave you unsatisfied.”

Low-Fat Baked Goods

“This is not a ‘NEVER’ food, but not all bars are equal. Gans warns that snack bars may include too many calories and protein.

Protein Bars

Plant-based beverages may not be right for you unless you have a dairy allergy, adds Pankonin. “Many plant-based beverages contain less protein and more sugar than vitamin D and A-fortified cow's milk.

Plant-Based Beverages

Those green-colored ‘spinach’ wraps may appear healthy—after all, they're green—but they usually contain very little veggie and are no more nutritious than other refined wheat wraps.

Spinach Wraps