Outdoor Exercises for Winter Weight Loss

Layer up and hike neighborhood trails. Winter hiking is great for cardio and muscle work. Uneven ground and snow or ice increase calorie burn.

Winter Hiking

 Enjoying winter's scenery while burning calories is excellent. Don't possess snowshoes? Many parks and trails rent them.


Cross-country skiing is a great upper- and lower-body cardio activity. You may enjoy winter landscape while burning a lot of calories. Many ski resorts and parks groom cross-country paths.

Cross-Country Skiing

Fun and effective, ice skating improves balance, coordination, and lower body strength. Wintertime outdoor ice rinks are common in cities. Skating is a fun family activity.

Ice Skating

If conditions allow, winter running or jogging can be refreshing. Wear traction shoes and layers to remain warm. Choose well-maintained walkways to avoid sliding.

Winter Running or Jogging

Fat biking, which uses snow tires, is becoming more popular. It challenges the lower body and offers a unique winter cycling experience.

Cycling in winter