Texas' NCAA National Title Win Becomes Most-Watched Women's College Volleyball Match In History

Texas won their second NCAA volleyball Championship on Sunday by defeating Nebraska, breaking an ESPN record.

The match was the most-watched NCAA women's volleyball match ever with 1.7M viewers, up 115% from previous year. The contest peaked at 2.1M viewers.

Nielsen found that female viewership increased 151% from 2022's match. Female viewers comprised 51% of the audience.

Audience numbers for this year's NCAA women's volleyball national final are impressive but not surprising. Nearly every major women's athletic event has increased viewership this year.

Despite tough time zones, Fox had record ratings for the Women's World Cup this summer, including the USA's 1-1 draw with the Netherlands, which was the most-watched group stage telecast ever with 6.4M viewers.

The NCAA women's basketball championship game in April had 9.9M viewers, a record. 

 It was 103% higher than the 2022 championship game. ESPN reported that the game had the greatest ESPN+ college event audience ever.

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