The Best Fast-Food Fries, Ranked

Have you ever purchased McDonald's fries and wondered, Why don't they taste like they used to? Not all in your head


This surprised me. Five Guys prioritises fries. The secret ingredient in Five Guys fries is here. Potato sacks and peanut oil boxes greet you as you enter. 

 Five Guys

Culver's serves crinkle-cut fries with "fry sauce," a tart mayo-ketchup combo. I liked these fries, but if I visit this Wisconsin fast-food chain, I'll have cheese curds.


Popeyes serves Cajun-seasoned fries. I liked these fries, although they tasted different from salt-seasoned fries. My to-go bag had a good portion, so it was worth it.


Tender deep crinkle-cut fries from Shake Shack. I loved that they were boxed, not bagged. This method kept fries neat while travelling and provided a ketchup dipping spot. 

Shake Shack

How surprising that KFC served fries! I want mashed potatoes or biscuits with fried chicken. The fried and seasoned fries were tasty.