These 6 Cheap Wines Taste Expensive, So Stock Up



Looking for a fun, easy homemade pizza variation in January? Instead of dough, use frozen garlic bread. Crusts will never be discarded.

Garlic Bread Pizza

This delightfully bubbly cava is worth savoring every sip, but it's so cheap you won't mind if you spritz more at a party.

Cordon Negro Cava Brut

Stuck inside on a cold day yet want to go to the beach? Drinking this rosé will let you forget your worries and feel the sand beneath your toes.

2022 Three By Wade Rosé

If you smother everything with hot sauce, why not heat up your alcohol? It won't be light, medium, or spicy, but the subtle heat will be there.

Red Blend

I search every wine list for this sauv blanc (it's dry enough for non-sweet wine drinkers). You think I'm a cheap date?

Sauvignon Blanc

When the outdoors is blazing, this refreshing white wine is the perfect coolant. Thinking about the twist-off cap eliminating the need for a corkscrew makes me dance with joy.

Vinho Verde White