Tweens love boba tea But is the caffeine and sugar too much?

Dive into the bubbly world of Boba Tea - a tween sensation! We're unraveling the mystery behind its caffeine & sugar content.

Caffeine kick or gentle sip? Boba teas vary widely, with 10-100mg of caffeine per serving. Know your brew!

Sugar rush alert! A single boba tea can pack 20-50g of sugar, making moderation key for a healthy sip.

Customize your cup! Choose less sugar or opt for natural sweeteners to enjoy boba without the guilt.

Milk tea or fruit tea? Milk-based bobas generally contain more caffeine, while fruit teas offer a lighter buzz.

Boba pearls - not just a chewy treat! They add extra calories and carbs, so consider your portion size.

Stay informed and sip smart! Keep track of caffeine and sugar levels to enjoy boba tea as a fun, occasional treat.

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