We Tried the Most Popular Beer Brands and Here’s What We Thought



The company has been sold multiple times and the beer changed, most recently in 2016. It's no surprise that several testers stated Rolling Rock wasn't as fantastic as they remembered.

Rolling Rock

The 1977 light beer Natural Light was easy to consume. Yes, it's light. Too light in substance and flavour, testers said. This ultra-light beer is available and may suit individuals who prefer it.

Natural Light

Milwaukee's Best Light, a MillerCoors beer, is touted as a value. This beer is affordable (a 30-pack costs about $15), but like Natural Light, it lacks flavour. A very light beer.

Milwaukee's Best Light

Busch Light was hard to evaluate. A sip revealed a good light beer. It had a peculiar fragrance that testers struggled to reproduce with ordinary taste.

Busch Light

Our testers didn't like Grain Belt, the "Friendly Beer," from Minnesota. It was extremely sweet and grainy, although we know it's popular in the Midwest like a hotdish.

Grain Belt

We chose Milwaukee's Best Ice over lite. It was chilly and refreshing, but it lacked light beer flavour. It was too mild. Ice is strong with 5.9% ABV.

Milwaukee's Best Ice